Ein sicheres Vergnügen!
Ein sicheres Vergnügen!


Experience beautiful "Emsland"…

Get to know the „Emsland“ region and discover its beauty. Neighbouring the „Ostfriesland“ region and the Netherlands, the "Emsland" offers a large variety of activities to its visitors, including culture, sports, and entertainment. Whether you enjoy cycling or hiking, horseback riding or paddling, or like to visit exciting cultural institutions and the famous Meyer shipyard, the "Emsland" region offers families, friends, athletes and adventurers a wide range of things to do and to see.

See for yourself just how beautiful our Emsland is by watching this Video.

We have created a calendar of events that are happening all around the "Emsland" for all those looking for cultural events and entertainment. Here, you will find the perfect events to fit your interests.

Lower Saxony is better than people thinking about: Video


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Picnic at the estate Altenkamp in Aschendorf


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The "Margaretha von Papenburg" is one of a total of six ship replicas that characterize Papenburg's cityscape and together form a unique open-air maritime museum.


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Shipyard Meyer in Papenburg